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Social Media Marketing

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Small Business Social Media Marketing Proposal from MK Marketing (719)351-7150


To create a branded online presence through the use of social media that will allow you to:

* Connect to a wider audience* Help grow (Nationwide if online sales are on option)* Spread its message and agenda * Monitor online reputation and trends* Increase Internet sales and Client Base * Increase the availability and usage of online research materials


Most large businesses already have their name and their company out there, what we need to do is get YOUR name and YOUR website, out there to grow your business. The positive is that your company is already taking the right steps, you are ready and going forward with internet advertising. What we can do next, is make you a strong social media campaign. When a potential customer goes to surf the web, they are usually not working with a company yet. If we market you right you become the company they find, the person they call, it might be to ask a question, at first, but the next stop could be a visit to your store or website.

This is some of my information on what we are offering if you have any questions please give me a call or send me a message.
Social media encompasses countless websites and platforms. I recommend your starting point will be best served by participating in the top Media platforms: Facebook, Blogger, Google +, Pinterest and Twitter.

What we do...
Facebook (1 time Daily M-F)
Twitter (1 time Daily M-F)
Pinterest (2 times a week)
Google + (2 times a week)
Blogger (2 times a week)

The Social Media platforms that I use are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, and Google + is $150 a month and I post on your accounts M-F.

I hope this information is helpful please give me a call if you have any questions 719-351-7150


Another thing I offer, its a one time charge per button/ page but they are custom pages so it makes you stand out... These are 3 that went up last week The buttons/pages are $15 each...

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